Sarah (sazdevilish) wrote in fobloveuk,

tickets tickets tickets...

hey guys.
i have some tickets i need to get off my hands...

i have 2 tickets for the brixton show on sunday 1st april
i also have 3 tickets for the hammersmith monday 2nd april
and i have 1 ticket for the glasgow show on wednesday 3rd april.

theres a catch tho.
u'll have to meet me at the venue at brixton for them tickets as i am going to be there.
also if u want the hammermith tickets ud need to meet me at brixton as im not going to that show at all, and there wouldnt be enough time to mail them out now.
the glasgow ticket i can either mail out first thing monday morning if u paypal me the money, or i can meet you either at the brixton or manchester show if any of you are planning on doing them.

all i want is face value + the postage i paid which works out at like £25 each.

get in touch either on here, or mail me at

and btw, the reason i have so many tickets isnt coz im a tout or anything, its just that my friend broke her foot and some are hers and her sister decided not to go to some of them as she has no money.... so there you go!

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